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This is the Kliktext minibar above.  This is the main feature of the program.

Wouldn't it be nice to have access to all your favorite links anywhere in the world?  What if your computer crashes or you buy a new computer or you're on vacation?....your favorite links are inevitably lost.  With Kliktext, your favorite links are always with you!!!! ALWAYS!!!  Now you can have up to 120 links stored conveniently at the push of a button.  You can also store email addresses and create a "group" button to email several addresses at once!!!


To use Kliktext, you need to load the minibar shown above.  This minibar is a web browser window that you should leave open to the right side.   By clicking the minibar buttons, the various web links you've stored will appear in new browser windows.  You can categorize your favorites and even share them with other users. Email address(es) stored in a button will open your email client will be loaded with the addresses pre-filled!!


 If the minibar hasn't loaded after you have logged in after signing up, make sure that you have allowed popup blockers.  On most computers you will need to allow popups on Internet Explorer and Firefox.  There will be a yellow bar right below the address bar asking if you want to allow popups.  Choose always for this site.  Then reload/refresh the page.  If the minibar still hasn't appeared, check for any Google toolbar or yahoo toolbar popup blockers.  If they exist, choose allow popups for this site always and refresh the page.  The minibar should now appear.

How do I edit my links?

Choose 'edit' from the minibar's menu.  You'll be taken to the edit page.  Instructions are given in the picture below.  Choose a button to edit, edit the details, choose web-link, secure web-link (https://), or email link.  For email links simply type the email address or multiple addresses separated by a semicolon to email a list of addresses at once! 


How do I add it to my start menu or windows taskbar?

Find the small square close-me window after loading kliktext in the bottom-right corner.  Grab the Internet Explorer Logo in the top left of the window and drag it to your desktop.  A shortcut icon will be created.  Drag this icon to your taskbar, or your start menu, or the "startup" program group in your start menu to load it automatically on startup.  See the picture below:


For Firefox, expand  the above close-me window by clicking the maximize button and then choose the rectangle document icon to the left of the address bar.  Drag this icon to your desktop.  The follow the instructions above.

How do I get more credits?

Each edit, import, button swap and header edit costs a credit.  In the starter account, you are given 25 credits.  Additional credits can be purchased by clicking the "SETTINGS" button at the top left.

What's Import Mode?

You can import pre-made links from the import mode tab and save time. 

How do I share a link?

Choose suggest link on the edit page and save.  The site administrators will review the link for appropriateness and make it available for import under import mode.  We're working on ways to share a link privately with another user that you know.  Look for this feature coming soon. Currently banned categories include: gambling, sites with any type of sexual content, religious sites, illegal, underground or warez sites, illegal music sites

How do I create a pre-defined email with subject to multiple recipients?

Go to the second pulldown menu option "mail" on your minibar and check out the help button.  To see how it was created, choose edit mode and click on it.   The basic format is emailaddress@one;emailaddress@two?subject=somesubject&body=somebodytext

How do I change my password or if I lost my password?

  Password change and reset options are in the  "SETTINGS" button at the top left.

What browsers work?

Our testing indicates that Firefox and Internet Explorer are compatible.  If you have any other feedback, please email webmaster at Kliktext dot com

I am having problems with firefox?

Use about:config and check that signed.applets.codebase_principal_support is enabled and security.xpconnect.plugin.unrestricted is marked as true



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